Put Your Diagnostic Skills To
The Test With Real Life Cases!

Work on high quality cases, all validated by experts. Each test-set takes only 10 - 20 minutes to complete and you get  instant and precise feedback on your performance.


Score for sensitivity, specificity and locations. Practise online and in your own time. Brilliant!


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Locate Abnormality: Practice Tests



Can you diagnose a case correctly and pinpoint the abnormality?

Then rate your own confidence level. Finally, you’ll mark the location of the abnormality and get instant and precise feedback on your performance.

30 - 40 Cases Per Online Test

Precise & Instant Feedback

tick Localization Sensitivty tick False positives
tick Localizations tick True negatives
tick Non-localizations tick False negatives
tick ROC tick Sensitivty
tick True positives tick Specificity





I believe in Ziltron because Ziltron listens to what radiologists need, and delivers a unique and spectacular educational product. Ziltron has changed the way radiologists will integrate education and lifelong learning into their practice. Ziltron technology is practical, usable, and intuitive. It delivers an A+ product.

- Alexander Norbash MD, Professor & Chairman of Radiology, Boston Medical Center


Quick Fire: Practice Cases



Test your first glance skills. Case level YES/NO.

Can you diagnose at speed? Test your ability to quickly diagnose a case as normal or abnormal. Review each case, and decide which ones require further diagnosis. Simple selection process. Get instant scores.

30 - 40 Cases Per Online Test

Precise & Instant Feedback

purpletick Accuracy
purpletick Sensitivity
purpletick Specificity

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